Benevolence Ministry

Cross Point is committed to helping its church members and the surrounding community who may have special circumstances that prevent them from meeting their basic needs. Our church is a place that anyone will find free Biblical guidance concerning God’s Word, and as needed, access to faith-based counseling.

If you are interested in receiving benevolence from Cross Point, please call the church office at 478-987-1116 or email us.

To support our mission, our church governing body will set aside each financial year a small percentage of its operating budget to fund benevolence needs. These fund levels are set at the discretion of the finance committee based on the recommendation of the benevolence team. This is not a fixed value, but is reviewed and evaluated every year. Any funds distributed by the deacons will be held in strict confidence; they are not considered a loan and reimbursement payments are not expected.

The deacons will be responsible for responding to the expressed needs of the people. The support offered by the church is not restricted to financial aid, but more importantly to share God’s Word and Principles.

All decisions made by deacons or staff of Cross Point are based on the information provided by the requester. On a case-by-case basis, the requester may be directed to seek assistance at banking institutions and may also be directed to seek assistance provided by the local, state, or federal agencies. Cross Point reserves the right to provide or refuse support based on information provided and knowledge of the situation. We will administer the church Benevolence Policy to the best of our abilities.

The intention and goal is to model Christ and His love for His creation. We will not judge or discriminate our support based on race or age. We will use the Word of God, commandments, laws, and precepts as means of providing scriptural advice to all in need.

May God honor our dedication and desire to help others in troubled times. May we be fair and just in all our decisions.

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