Cross Point Baptist Church Videos

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Generations: Questions from Kids

For our Generations series at Cross Point, we're looking at how different ages relate to God and the church. Here are some questions from kids about God and life.

Michael Boden Discipleship Testimony

Michael Boden shares about the importance of discipleship in his life and how he has been discipled by a few people at Cross Point.

The Importance of Small Groups

At Cross Point, Small Groups are the vital second leg of our worship, community, ministry process. Two young couples and their Small Group leaders share how a real community of believers can impact your life.

John David Mangrum from Origins Greenville

Cross Point supports Origins Church in Greenville, SC and their church planter and pastor John David Mangrum. Here he shares how the journey is going so far and his vision for the future.

West Virginia Mission Trip

Howard & Twala Alford led a mission trip to West Virginia. These are the places they saw and the people they touched.